Version 8.8.5
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  • Linux:
    • Fix for IRDeviceUVC select 22 error


  • Changed frame timeout to use two times the frame frequency of device. Old frame timeout of 200ms was to short for Xi410 @4Hz
  • Increased startup calibration time for better skim value estimation
  • Changed evo::IROptics to use IRArray instead of std::string to be independent from std::string runtime implementation and possible memory corruption


  • Ethernet Connection:
    • Hotfix for Access Violation Error


  • Windows:
    • Removed check for CoInitialize, which led to error in a multithread or non STA-Thread environment
  • Easy-API:
    • Added functions to set the origin of the clipped format position
  • Ethernet Connection:
    • Added possibility to disable sender ip check by config file <check_udp_sender_ip>0</check_udp_sender_ip> for NAT-Environment


  • Windows:
    • Added support for multiple ethernet camera connections


  • Added ethernet camera support (see ethernet section in generic.xml config to enable it)
  • Added support for setting radiation parameters on ethernet deamon (evo_irimager_tcp_init)
  • Fixed incorrect dead pixel correction if radial distortion correction is enabled


  • IRCalibrationManager::findSerial can now be used to detect multiple devices and on windows
  • Added system information to logfile
  • Windows:
    • Added ir_find_serial.exe for windows build
    • Removed dependency to DirectShow NullRenderer and SampleGrabber Filter (missing on Serveredition)
  • Linux:
    • Ignore last characteristic curve value, as it can be incomplete
    • Added missing tiff header "irextras_defs.h"
    • Added example for tiff creation
  • Examples on Windows
    • C#: Added new flagstate "Initializing"
    • C#: Fix for incorect check of format dir parameter
    • Managed C++: Adapted to getFrame calling convention
    • irimagerShow: Adapt thermal image to window size on resizing


  • Increased maximum number of instances in one application from 16 to 32
  • Added flagstate enum value metadata flagstate "irFlagInitializing" to signal initialization process to user
  • Linux: Increased gcc compiler version from 4.9 to 5


  • Linux: Fix for read of calibration data which lead to console output “test”


  • Added function setReferenceTemperature to calibrate camera to external reference source
  • Added support for Optris external reference probe BR 20AR (see example IRExternalProbe.cpp and External Probe (BR 20AR))


  • Improvements in AutoSkim behavior. Recommend, if a Xi400 is used.
  • Added support for second radial distortion correction (r^4), if available in calibration files.


  • New library libirextras:
    • Create Optris Tiff Files with IRTiffWriter
  • Added optional libuvc IRDevice for Linux (experimental)
  • Disable focus change on startup with negativ config value (<focus>-1</focus>)
  • Easy SDK (direct_binding.h):
    • Added evo_irimager_get_serial for getting the serial number of the connected camera


  • Fixed memory and handle leaks after deletion of IRImager instance
  • Added radial distortion correction. Configurable within xml-file <radial_distortion_correction>0</radial_distortion_correction>
  • Drop frames which are previously only logged as "DEBUG [OpMetadata.cpp:83] @ 1s :Possible data corruption"
  • Made most getter function of IRImager const
  • Added optics_text support to raw data recording


  • Easy SDK (direct_binding.h)
    • New function evo_irimager_set_pif_framesync_output for setting the pif framesync output
  • Fixed segmentation fault in IRImager.initRawdataHeader
  • Added missing header for matlab example


  • Easy SDK (direct_binding.h)
    • Added support for multiple cameras in Easy SDK
      • evo_irimager_multi_usb_init returns unique camId
      • all other function starting with evo_irimager_multi requires acquired camId
      • camId 0 is reserved for old single camera functions
    • Set palette temperature range, if eManual scale mode is set (evo_irimager_set_palette_manual_temp_range)
    • Additional frame metadata beside thermal frame or palette image (evo_irimager_get_thermal_image_metadata)
  • Added support for setting the first radial distortion corretion factor (IRImager::setRadialDistortionCorrFact1)


  • Fixed reconnect issue on windows with XI80
  • Return IRArray instead of vector on IRCalibrationManager for compatibility between different compiler versions and debug/release build
  • Added optics_txt info to raw header


  • Fixed C-Interface "evo_irimager_to_palette_save_png". In active high precision mode a different methode has to be called:evo_irimager_to_palette_save_png_high_precision



  • Set/Get max/min flag-interval over IRImager
  • Deadpixel correction
  • Improved AutoSkim initialization routine for Xi400
  • Changed std::vector to IRArray.h to preserve binary compatibility between different compiler versions


  • Fix flag freezing image stream on all connected cameras


  • Compatibility with Xi80 with newer Firmware (>3008)
  • Fix for temperature drift of Xi80 (disabled AutoSkim)
  • AutoSkim initialization routine for Xi400 on begin (~4 Flags cycles)
  • Fix for direct binding (Easy SDK) reconnect (terminate and init again)


  • Fix for direct binding (Easy SDK) not working anymore on windows


  • New Windows-DirectShow implementation
    • Solved limitation of not receiving 1000 Frames per Second on PI1M
    • Retrieval capability of connection loss with new reconnection example
    • IRDevice Interface are now consist on Linux and Windows
    • Removed limitation of maximal 15 device instances
    • Fixed memory leak on releasing device
  • fix: PI640 pif modul detection


  • Added version info for windows: version.h
  • Support of PIF Interface. See example: pif/IRPifExample.cpp and Migration Guide
  • get/setClippedFormatPosition for setting the clipped position e.g. for Linemode (Video Index 4) for PI1M
  • get/setFlagForecast for enable/disable flag forecast
  • Support of PI1M raw data recording. Needs newest PIX-Connect.
  • Enable extended temp range with XML-File: <enable_extended_temp_range>1</enable_extended_temp_range>
  • EasyAPI: get/set Focusmotor Position
  • LabView VI for get/set Focusmotor Position
  • fix: Enable AutoSkim (temperature drift compensation)
  • fix: No call to IRImagerClient::onProcessExit
  • fix: Correct frame rate when missing raw frames
  • fix: Example LabView set temperature range
  • fix: Example irimagerShowOOP.cpp Thread Exception on shutdown
  • fix: No call to IRImagerClient::onThermalFrameEvent
  • fix: ir_download_calibration on multiple internet connections


  • fix: wrong temperature values after some flag events (windows and linux)


  • Xi400 support (windows and linux)
  • focusmotor support for Xi80 and Xi400 (windows and linux)
  • fix: Examples libusb in CmakeLists.txt (linux)


  • fix for ros package optris drivers
  • no changes for windows


  • support of Xi80
  • fix: restart matlab application
  • fix: twin show example windows


  • bugfix: use caliManager with multiple devices (windows)
  • delete device --> clean up used memory from direct show graph (windows)
  • added error log message for instantiation of more than the maximum number of devices --> max number of devices = 16 (windows)
  • correct return value from imager init function (windows and linux)


  • fixed incompatibility of easyAPI and MATLAB
  • removed default parameters in easyAPI/direct_binding.h --> not compatible with MATLAB
  • added irdirectsdk_defs.h to MATLAB package


  • set_radiation_params via Easy-API (+LabView)
  • calling convention Easy-API --> cdecl
  • added IRImager::setProcessExitCallback()
  • rearranged internal library design for better maintainability


  • Basic support for digital input of industrial process interface (PIF)
  • do snapshot and trigger flag
  • Introduce Easy-Interface C-Interface for Matlab/Labview/... Integration
  • Support for TCP streaming
  • Support for software triggering (software snapshot)
  • Ambient temperature can be set user-defined
  • Introduce Matlab interface
  • Introduce LabView interface
  • bugfixes in downloadCalibration
  • Introduce monolithic library libirdirectsdk


  • initial state for changelog
  • support by evocortex starts